Behind the scenes of the “Atomic Kid” Album

Over the next 3 hours we started shaking off the rust and it felt like no time had passed since the last time we had played music in the same room, we had some songs that were early in the writing process…so we started working on them. The excitement of playing music together was energizing. And so began a 2 year journey towards writing the Atomic Kid album. This video was taken at the end of that first jam session.

We had lyrics and various song ideas in the vault. One of them, as you heard Bill playing in the video, was called “The Normals”. One thing that has changed over the years is the writing and recording process. Each of us has the ability to record our own parts for songs now. But there are some songs that require that energy of the rehearsal space. So in March 2017, the drums for “The Normals” were recorded live and in one take. And Dan’s china cymbal made it’s return. Take a listen to a preview of the finished song…

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