This is a remixed and remastered version of Sunshine with the shade from the Max Q (Remixed) album that is coming in the near future. Hear the song as it was meant to be heard in 96K high fidelity.

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Remixed and remastered version of Mercury in Retrograde from the Max Q (Remixed) album.

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Stream our cover of The Beatles song “I’ll Be Back”

listen to the new single
 “Ups and downs”…

listen to – Before Liftoff – A compilation of unreleased tracks and live recordings

Atomic Kid Album Song Previews

Behind the scenes of the “Atomic Kid” Album

Atomic Kid Album Cover
Charles Cote photo
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Welcome to the Atomic Kid "Behind the Scenes" album experience.

During this experience you may feel the urge to ROCK!
This is normal and part of the ride.

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Atomic Kid CD
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Order the Atomic Kid CD (Full length 11 track album). The Atomic Kid CD is a limited edition CD – only 100 copies made. (includes 16 page full color CD booklet with liner notes and album art).


About T.R.E.

For decades, the garages of suburban America have been busy laboratories for creative musical expression. Amidst the sprawl of shopping malls, parking lots and middle-class subdivisions, The Reverse Engineers started their journey like thousands of other groups. Although it’s been awhile since their garage days, TRE still speaks to a young suburban population thirsty for music that’s long on meaning and short on pretension.

The Reverse Engineers is a three-piece indie-progressive-alternative rock band. Comprised of brothers William, Daniel and Charles Cote, the group has been creating music since 1997. A new album called Atomic Kid was released on August 3rd, 2019. A new single titled “Ups and Downs” was released on December 20th, 2021.